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Pannonia Bio has created over 5 000 direct and indirect jobs with the biorefinery.

Direct employment of over 250 people include highly qualified professional and technical personnel, as well as operations and support staff. The company recruits primarily from among people living in its neighbourhood. The plant offers attractive conditions and remuneration, higher than typical for the locality. It is regarded as a stable and flexible place of work, offering professional development, career advancement and an international working environment.

Indirect employment created far exceeds direct at over 5,000 jobs. These include trade and service industries that support the plant operation, sales and logistics. Jobs are created in areas such as maintenance, mechanical upgrades, industrial cleaning, landscaping, ground and façade upkeep, quality control, insurance, rail, road and barge logistics for shipping and freight forwarding. Service providers’ development and employment indicators have been improved, enabling them to expand their client base.

Note: Pannonia Bio does its utmost to protect and secure the personal information of all employees, including candidates who are seeking employment opportunities within the company.

Personal information exchanged during the recruitment process is handled in a sensitive manner by employees who are experts in their field.

Please click here to read about our company’s privacy policy, adhering to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) set out by the European Union (EU).

When applying for a position within our company, Pannonia Bio would like to keep your application for future job opportunities. To keep your CV on file with us please click here to fill in the consent form. Please note that it is not possible to attach a CV when submitting the consent form. Our company can only receive CVs required for application sent in a separate e-mail to the following address: