Pannonia Barley Husk


With the launch of its new, world-class barley processing plant, Pannonia Bio raised its role in the domestic and international agricultural market to a new level. The company has added a high-fiber, economical bran product to its portfolio, marketed under the Barley Husk brand.



  • Easy to use, available in pellet form
  • Economical source of fiber, protein and phosphorus
  • Stable quality, consistent nutrient composition
  • Guaranteed GMO and antibiotic free
  • Controlled by a market-leading toxin testing system


  • Harvesting
    • The processed barley is grown on local farms in strict compliance with European sustainability criteria.
  • Testing
    • All shipments of barley are inspected and tested before storage.
  • Storage
    • The unloaded barley undergoes a pre-cleaning process: the barley grains are cleaned of awn and other impurities.
  • Cleaning, grinding
    • The barley grain is separated from the husk and then milled in three stages. Husk, fiber and bran are collected separately and sold as Barley Husk for animal feed after further processing and pelleting.
  • Transportation
    • The affordable feed is sold in bulk by truck.




Crude protein ≥ 10,0%
Crude fat ≥ 3,0%
Crude fiber ≤23,0%
Ash ≤6,0%
Starch ≤20,0%
*= Parameters are based on dry matter and are provided for information only.

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