Pannonia Plus C55


Pannonia Bio is not only adding value to Hungarian grain; it is revolutionizing agriculture. The company's new corn-based protein concentrate product, Pannonia Plus C55, is a real novelty on the market that can partially or even completely replace soybean meal when used with amino acid supplementation.


  • Excellent source of energy, easily digestible protein, and phosphorus
  • Guaranteed GMO and antibiotic free
  • Neutral flavor, well mixable
  • Its dried yeast cell content is prebiotic; aids digestion
  • Made with gentle heat treatment technology, making it easy to digest
  • Low crude fiber content, excellent feed conversion
  • Controlled by a market-leading toxin testing system


  • Harvesting
    • The processed feed corn is mainly grown in local farms, adhering strictly to European sustainability criteria.
  • Testing
    • All corn shipments are lab-tested before arriving at the plant.
  • Grinding & Separation
    • The husk of the corn kernel is broken to access the starch. Following grinding, the fiber is separated and is used in other processes at the biorefinery.
  • Cooking
    • Starch is converted to sugars through the addition of enzymes.
  • Fermentation
    • Fermentation takes place with the help of enzymes and yeasts at a gentle temperature over a period of roughly 75 hours.
  • Separation
    • During separation, the suspension is divided into wet and solid fractions. The wet fraction is used for bioethanol production, and as a source of a protein-rich raw material.
  • Drying
    • After drying and pelleting, a premium feed ingredient with 55% protein content is obtained.
  • Transportation
    • The finished product is sold in 1-ton big bags.



Crude protein ≥ 50,0%
Crude fat ≥ 9,0%
Crude fiber ≤3,0%
Ash ≤4,0%
Starch ≤4-7%
*= Parameters are based on dry matter and are provided for information only.

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